About Our Center

The Center for Excellence in Care in Neurofibromatosis at UF Health provides comprehensive and exceptional care for patients and families affected with NF. We are designated clinic as a member of the NFCN ( Neurofibromatosis Clinical network). We are also members of the NF Foundation and Network.

Hans H Shuhaiber, MD trained in Child Neurology, Medical Genetics, and Adult Neurology at Boston University, Columbia University- New York-Presbyterian, and NYU Langone Medical Center, provides the individualized treatment you need if you have been diagnosed with this complex and lifelong condition.

At UF Health, we offer comprehensive treatment and management options for all types of neurofibromatosis, a relatively rare genetic disorder that affects the development of nerve cells and sometimes causes tumors (neurofibromas) to develop in the nervous system.

At UF Health, our patients benefit not just from a single neurofibromatosis specialist, but from the expertise of an entire team of experts. We do not require referrals, and all of our diagnostic, treatment, and supportive care services are available in a single, convenient location. Through our unique approach, each patient has the advantage of receiving several expert opinions from our neurofibromatosis specialist team in one comfortable and familiar place.

Each neurofibromatosis specialist on UF Health multispecialty tumor team has highly focused skills and experience. Consider that:

  • Our UF Health neurosurgeons and surgical oncologists address nerve tumors with a high level of precision using advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques, which also allow them to access difficult-to-reach neurofibromas that have developed near-critical nerve pathways.
  • Our UF Health radiation oncologists and medical oncologists incorporate nonsurgical treatment options, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, into highly individualized treatment plans, as appropriate.
  • Our UF Health supportive care specialists provide a variety of services, including education, counseling, and nutritional support, to help ensure the best possible quality of life for our patients both during and after treatment.

Each neurofibromatosis specialist at UF Health is committed to treating, educating, and supporting individuals who have been diagnosed with this uncommon condition.

If you are a patient or family suffering from Neurofibromatosis. Please contact me directly at hshuhaiber@ufl.edu. I am looking forward to personally helping you with the long-life illness of Neurofibromatosis. We are available for your NF needs 24/7. We accept all insurance plans, and we accept patients as well with no insurance. We are running several investigational clinical trials that would help your underlying NF disease.

I am awaiting your email at hshuhaiber@ufl.edu. Let us start our journey by helping you with your NF care. Send me an email!



Director of NFCN Clinic for Neurofibromatosis at UF Health

Hans H. Shuhaiber M.D.